A message from LSTW

Wendy Oldani

Posted on October 21 2019

A better world is not somewhere in the future. 

It's groundwork is in the weaving of our empowered choices. 

This weaving is always happening in the now. 

The reality we wish to experience is always seeded in our present choices. 

The Earth does not need another "consumer" because we are not here to consume Her. 

She is neither storehouse nor wasteland.

She is a verdant nexus of living relationships. 

Our products are not copied iterations of a green trend. 

But tend to the possibility that our role beyond consumerism is collaboration.

The winds of change spark a flame of engaged compassion, 

and occupies the space where our hearts intersect and interdepend. 

Where insight and wisdom carves a path toward thrivability. 

Because we are not here to just consume, we are here to thrive. 

Where we rise as architects of a livable future. 

Where the weaving of our choices beat as one, 

Where the winds of change carry our direction. 



-Poem by Amber Bassett


-Film by Luke Butcher


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