Find Your Path in the Climate Movement

Wendy Oldani

Posted on September 25 2020

Have you watched Kiss The Ground on Netflix yet? If not, please do!  The movie presents a simple and practical way to combat climate change. The answer is under our feet.... and we need to act NOW. 


Education is one of the ways we believe we can break barriers that have disconnected us from nature. Whether you are a student, parent, business owner, chef, farmer or a concerned citizen, anyone can leverage their passions to advance global regeneration, starting with soil. 

This societal shift to integrating regeneration into supply chains relies heavily on brands, which relies on CUSTOMERS joining the movement and voting with the dollars.

Regeneration begins with you — by living regeneratively. And living regeneratively begins with gratitude for what's possible, right here and now. 🌍🌿

Hemp fiber for textiles does not currently exist in an end to end (farm to cloth)  supply chain currently in the USA. Hemp can be used as a cover crop to protect soil. It can be used in tandem with commercial crops of soy, wheat, corn, etc.

Hemp grows quick and helps drawdown carbon from the atmosphere and put it into the soil where it belongs. It's essentially a weed and does not require huge amounts of water. It does not need pesticides. 

We have an opportunity to drive demand for industrial hemp to help with soil regeneration and also create natural fiber textiles.

IMAGINE the dry, depleted, and damaged West Texas soil being regenerated by industrial hemp crops for fiber.  The fiber gets harvested and processed at a mill in Texas. Spinning yarn, and weaving/ knitting of fabrics can happen in Texas too. 

This dream is in reach. Let's speed it up!!!!

Supporting brands like Love Shows The Way is an easy way to contribute to the movement. 

Wendy Oldani 

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