Design with Intention

Wendy Oldani

Posted on May 23 2019

Love Shows The Way will use each of the below tenets during the creation of it's products:

1) Design with a purpose

2) Design for longevity

3) Design for resource efficiency

4) Design for biodegradability

5) Design for recycling


Purpose: Classic, modern, and timeless pieces that are versatile. Made with natural fibers to promote regenerative agriculture practices. 

Longevity: Hemp and Organic cotton are durable. 

Resource Efficiency: Sweaters are a lean manufacturing process. Waste is minimized greatly as compared with cut and sew. 

Biodegradability: Hemp and cotton are natural fibers and will degrade if buried in soil.  

Recycling: Recycling of natural fibers into new yarns is becoming more prevalent. 



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